Jenny & Johnny

As an avid fan of Jenny Lewis, I was excited to see that she's done a project with boyfriend/musician Jonathan Rice. Their first single from their album, "Scissor Runner" is totally catchy, sweet and free! (Download here.) Can't wait to hear the rest.

In the meantime, I need new music! If any of you are listening to something you're lovin' please share!


Tori said...

Love the song! Love all of your selections!

Lately I am loving Mumford and Sons...nothing new though...

Jo said...

I was happy to hear about Jenny & Johnny too :)

The Drums are my most favorite thing at the moment. And the new Tunng album, its called '... and then we saw land', love it.

Hope all is well with you, Lacey!

Leslie said...

I love Jeremy Messersmith's The Reluctant Graveyard.


Thanks for the link to the download!