A Song. A Memory.

Do you know how songs can elicit a memory? Sometimes a far-off memory from a second grade talent show (Beach Boy’s "Surfin’ USA" ), or a song that already holds a special place in your heart (Cat Power's version of "Silver Stallion")? At any rate… these songs’ melodies reach into your brain, shuffle through a handful of memories and picks the one that matches… it’s so convenient. (And lovely.)

I had this experience tonight at the gym, of all places.

Trying to resolve to keep my goal of cardio 3 times a week, I ran (literally) to the gym, so I wouldn’t run away from it. (The hardest part about this resolution, is actually getting my body inside of the gym's walls.) I jumped onto a treadmill, powered up my old iPod mini, and listened to a shuffle of music… (This is the iPod that doesn’t get used much, so it was a treat to hear its songs.)

Postal Service’s “Brand New Colony” shuffles through… and I’m instantly taken back to my college days. Ali would let me borrow her Postal Service album and CD player (this was well before the days that iPods were somewhat affordable), and I’d run… I’ve never been a good runner. I want to. But, I’m not. Yet, somehow, I was able to run to this entire album, without stopping. (I think it was a three-mile run, right Ali?)

This melody (especially around 2 minutes and 37 seconds) sends me back to a memory where I’m running while the sun is directly overhead. I run down a hill, past a park full of ducks, then continue to run through the canyon opening, where I have to make myself apparent to a handful of cars. The trees shadows pass over my head, the sun feels warm on my face… and, I’m feeling so good. And happy.

I love music.


Lisa Cannon said...

Just last night I heard Magic Carpet Ride by Steppnwolf and it reminded me of hanging out with Mark in hs. I hadn't heard that song in years. Yes, music is great! I love your suggestions all of the time - thanks for them!

Robin said...

Oh, I love how music does that, too.
Now I need to find some that will motivate me to exercise, like you :)

allison said...

I love this Lacey...

and I totally know what you mean about music and memories. It's funny how it can do that huh? and I know exactly where you were running ;)
ahh Logan

Jeremy said...

Lacey-this is a beautiful post. Thank you.

It is sooo true about how the simple chords of a song or notes hit by some vocals can bring you back to another, sometimes forgotten, time. I LOVE MUSIC.

Isn't it weird how some people can be so complacent about music and have no real opinion? Or those who just don't care. I know I was always blown away by Ryan Lee because he was just like "Whatever." He didn't have a preference for music or favorite band or anything. My brain can't comprehend things like that!

You have inspired me in a post about music for my blog.

Thank you,


Anonymous said...

yes! music does that it is wonderful! and i too love to run to that whole album, it is great!

Kim said...

I know exactly what run you are talking about, my first year in Logan I lived down in the island and would take that same route. I love how music does that for you, takes you back just for minute. Thanks for sharing.