One of my 2008 Resolutions that topped my list this year:

:Do Cardio three times a week. Three times. Each and every week.

Since last week didn't count for me, I've officially started my New Year today. So, I went to the gym. (It's been well over 8 weeks since I've been.) And, I kicked-off this resolution in style.

I Step Aerobicized tonight. And, it felt great.

I do realize that Step Aerobics was a trend that began in the early '90's and somewhat dissolved a decade later, but I practically am an expert at this sport. I took a 1 credit class in Step Aerobics my first year in college. So, I wasn't worried a bit for class tonight. (Even if it has been almost 9 years since that class and the last time I "stepped.")

The instructor (a forty-year old something) warmed us right up with step-touches, grapevines, hamstring pulls, and basic steps. I was feeling good... even kept up with all the claps and awkward arm swings. (It's very important to do an arm swing in the up-and-over move.) My body was shaking like it was 1999, and I was keeping up... but, I felt so silly; it was hard for me to take this seriously.

But, I had to. Otherwise, I'd forget the sequence of steps, and I'd trip and fall off my step. (Yes, this really has happened to me.)

So, I tried to keep up while my heart-rate was racing, and I was sweating, trying to remember what an 'L Step' is, and don't even ask how the last three sequences went-- I was lucky to even finish the steps. (I'm good at hiding my forgetfulness.)

And, alas, an hour later... I stepped my little heart out and had a great work-out.

Guess who even told me I did a great job? None other than the instructor. (wahoo!)

So, I dare you-- if you've got access to a Step Class, try it! You'll be surprised how fun it actually can be.


aimee heff said...

I loved Step way back when. You may have inspired me to check out the times at my local Gold's gym where I am a member but haven't been since we've moved here. I have a 500 acres of forest in my backyard so the gym doesn't scream my name like the trees do but w/ the rain and all I think Step may start calling my name.

100 Percent Cottam said...

it does feel sort of nice to be a lil' sore in the new year, doesn't it? i'm all yoga'd out this morning. ouch. but in a good way.

Erin said...

Oh believe me, you don't want to see me at a step class. Way too much coordination is required. But your resolution is a great one.

Lisa Cannon said...

I like step too, but am way to uncoordinated!

Brecke said...

Please tell me what your 40 year old instructor was wearing!! Good resolution Lacey you can do it.

Brecke said...

Please tell me what your 40 year old instructor was wearing!! Good resolution Lacey you can do it.