Welcome, January!

Jeff and I welcomed January with a snowboarding trip. I (literally) had to dust the cobwebs off of my snowboard; it's been far too long since I've been. I was worried that I'd have a day falling, but I didn't even fall once! Yay! (But, my muscles sure are sore.)

This is Jeff's first year snowboarding, and he's already on his way to beat me down the mountain... (He's such a fast learner.)

Welcome, January!


alyson. said...

oh man... I went snowboarding while I was with dlb in Idaho. I fell a zillion times. I'm still bruised! but... I'm ready to try it again.

Lisa Cannon said...

You are brave! I want to teach my kids to ski this year, hopefully we'll get up there soon. Looks beautiful!

Lorilee said...

fun. I love those blue bird days spent on the slopes with the one you love.
I know the feeling of husbands immediately turning pro ... I have skied my whole life and the one year Cody tries it....HE'S trying to talk ME into going on tougher runs. I told him to stick to snowboarding.

Kim said...

I bet you guys had so much fun, I would have loved to have seen you on the slopes.