My Valentine's

What's your idea of romance? Unlike this collage of photos I took, it's really (really) spending time with the one that's nearest and dearest to me. Now that Jeff's going to school full-time while working full-time, it's lucky for us to find a quiet time during the week.

So, for us, it'll be sharing a pizza, eating something I bake up, and watching 'Lost' together.

And, I can't wait.

Hoping you have a wonderful Valentine's, no matter how you spend it!


ievute said...

yes, the most important that you 2 are together :)

we worked all day today... at home, not lifting heads up... but next to each other... keeping one's foot on the others :)

happy Valentine's day!

Kim said...

That sounds like a perfect night to me. Happy Valentines!

Joanna Goddard said...

that's really sweet. it's all about the little things. my fave nights are when alex and i just read in bed next to each other.