Reason Why I Love Candy Hearts

Reason Why I Love Candy Hearts


pia said...

hi Lacey! just want to let you know the 'my hear wanders' project has only just begun, and for this week (being valentine inspired) i am just picking random early submissions - i have not even set a deadline for submissions yet! So please join in!! And thanks for your comment. and is this one of your photos? and if so, can i post it for inspiration for others who want to submit work for the project??

so glad i've found you!
PS read more about the project in my 'artist studio' page. and please spread the word.

Joanna Goddard said...

nice ring!

Lorilee said...

weird. I recently posted a photo similar to this.... (minus the pretty fingers, cool angle, and neat camera)....but same conversation heart.
happy valentines day.

Cakespy said...

Nice bling, and great photo! Very cool site, glad I stumpled upon you!

Cakespy said...

I meant, "Stumbled"...guess my fingers were stumbling!