I'm it.

Angie tagged me. Thanks, I like being it.


Five things you don't know about me:

When I resolve to do something, I take it very seriously. (Jeff practically begged me to eat a cookie on a Saturday, I couldn't do it. No baked goods for me during the week- only Sundays.) I have to be very careful with my resolutions; I feel very defeated when I don't stick to it.

I'm so competitive. I felt the competitive ache just last night. I had to win at something. I proposed a Scrabble play-off with Jeff. He declined. I'm still up for a battle if anyone's interested.

When I hear/see/read something beautiful, everyone I know must know. Even if they're already aware, I still have to share. Example: Please listen to New Buffalo . It'll make you happy, me too.

I still raise the roof. And say "woot, woot" while doing it. That's just plain stupid and embarrassing. Don't worry- I'm trying to stop.

I am such a worrier. Tonight, I worried about my dad slipping on the ice. I worried that my little sister was mad at me because we were late to her party, and I had the buns. I worry about Jeff eating too fast; I don't want him to choke. I worry that if we leave our heater up too high, our house could burn down. I worry way too much about my nieces and nephews... I just want them to be safe.

I'll probably worry that you've just learned way too much about me. Oh well.

I tag:
Annelise, Allison, and Kim.


Joanna Goddard said...

raise the roof, hilarious:)

i worry, too! all the time, about the most random things. i think it's a woman thing.... xoxo

Polly said...

woot woot! nice zootie! and the scrabble challenge is on.. with me! or could i convince you into nertz??

Colleen said...

Ooh, ooh! Are you on Facebook? They have a Scrabble application that I am positively addicted to. If you're ever up for an online game of Scrabble, you can find me there! (I pretty much rule, by the way. :)

Kim said...

I would totally challenge you at speed scrabble I think I'm pretty good at it but wait you were an english major so you could probably beat me bad! And I can totally picture you being worried about all those things, you love to take care of people so that makes sense! Thanks for sharing!

Brecke said...

How could I ever be mad at you!!

annelise said...

Thanks Lacey! I'm still thinking about it... don't worry, I'll have my 5 on my blog soon. I loved yours.