lala-listen up...

Who doesn't love a good cover song? And who doesn't love the song Sweet Child O Mine? That's why I'm absolutely in love with Taken By Tree's (Concretes singer) Guns 'n' Roses cover.

You have to listen... the piano at the beginning is so pretty.


Jeremy said...

While Bergsman's voice is absolutely beautiful and the piano work you made mention of is nothing less than celestial-I get put off by melodic, slow-paced, versions of this song in particular, ie: Sheryl Crow. I think process of covering a song, especially a song with such pop culture clout is a risky thing.

However, her other tracks she has on her Myspace page make me want to go out and impulse buy this album today on my lunch break!

Spencer said...

I love the self-titled Concretes album.

Has anybody heard Luna's cover of Sweet Child o' Mine? It's...OK. But if you've never checked out Luna, I recommend them.

Ellen said...

Mmmmm. I'm always a sucker for pretty piano.

And I can't wait for the She&Him album. What I've heard I really like!