The Makings of a Yummy Tin-Foil Dinner:

1. Tin Foil
2. A Good Camp-site

(Chanse has got the Tin-Foil. And, he found a perfect spot up Millcreek Canyon.)

3. Ingredients to create the Tin-Foil Dinner:

  • Potatoes/Vegetables, including Mushrooms/Cream of Mushroom Soup/Garlic/Meat
  • Bow-tie Pastas/Meat/Peas
  • Or, Jeff's take: Rice, Chicken, Mango, and Spices...

4. Matches, wood, coals, and real tough Men, with leather gloves, to watch the fire and tin foil dinners.

5. Lots of people to share the meal with...

6. And, MmmMmm Smores:
  • Polly's take- Melted Reese's Peanut Butter Cup, Mallow, Graham Crackers. Yummm.
  • Jeff's take- Melted Mallow on a Rice Krispy Treat. Hmmm.

7.Mix all Ingredients,
and you'll get lots'o'fun...
OH, and don't forget to add a little Fluffy!

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Brecke said...

You are the most creative person I have ever met!! And that picture of Grandpa looks like something from a magazine- way to go Jonathen
Love your blog buggie