I Love You, DVR.

Wow… who would’ve thought an electronic device could’ve been so revolutionizing? I’m talking about the digital recorder Jeff got installed into our cable box. We previously had digital cable, but no way of recording television, or rewinding and pausing live television… but, now... we can!

Almost everyone I spoke to regarding the DVR debate said this new function would change the way I watch TV. I didn’t know how- I wouldn’t miss my 7:00 Tuesday viewing of ‘Gilmore Girls,’ and forget me missing any new ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ shows either. I would simply use a recycled VHS tape to record Channel 4 at 8:00.

Well, I have to admit- they were true. DVR has changed the way I watch television, and I love it! Now, rather than watching random E! True Hollywood Stories, that I really could care less about, or watching boring re-runs of ‘Hogan Knows Best,’ because let’s face it- he doesn’t know best, I can watch shows I actually want to watch.

For example, since I’ve been battling an all too annoying cold, Jeff and I stayed in on Friday night with some Olive Garden take-out. (Their Minestrone is yummy, especially when you’re sick.) And, since Red-Box didn’t have any movies we wanted to watch, or On Demand (C’mon- isn’t ‘Thank you For Not Smoking’ a new release? Why don’t they have it already?)

Rather, we were able to choose from a variety of shows I had recorded. We were able to catch up on ‘The Office’ (And, just because Dwight and Angela call each other ‘Monkey’ doesn't mean it's weird. It’s a term of endearment.), and ‘Six Feet Under’ episodes. (That show is pretty bizarre. But, I like it.) So, we were able to watch shows we actually wanted to watch! (Jeff could go without 'Laguna Beach,' and I probably should too. Those girls are meeean!)

Plus, there's the ability to fast forward commercials- how convenient is that? And, I don’t have to stay up until midnight on a Wednesday night to finish an episode of ‘Project Runway.’

So, I’m convinced- DVR is amazing. And, no, Comcast is not paying me for writing this. (Although, this would be a great testimonial for them.)

If you're thinking about getting DVR, don't wait! Do it! I dare you.

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Jeff said...

DVR is up there with sliced bread.