More observations while being pregnant:

+ I still worry… a lot.

+ I eat… a lot.

+ At my last doctor’s appointment, she said that I’m “growing like a weed.” Isn’t that a bad thing? Why call me a weed? There’s gotta be something more poetic.

+ I still try and sneak in a nap whenever I can.

+ I now feel awkward being around people who do not know I’m pregnant. I’m assuming they think I’m gaining lots of weight.

+ I still like to round up a week whenever I tell people how far along I am. However, I’ve learned to tell them in months rather than weeks.

+ I’m still very emotional. I well up every single day.

+ I bought clothes for our little boy while on a trip to NY and couldn’t believe how real it felt.

+ I still talk a lot about my body’s changes. I think I ask Jeff (three times a day) if my belly has grown. It usually has.

+ On said trip to NY, my body became almost useless. I couldn’t walk without something being in pain.

+ I think I’m a pregnant wimp.

+ My feet have started to swell (well- not on the everyday- but, when I was walking everywhere in NY they were)- so, I did the unthinkable: I bought Crocs.

(My crocs and I are on the right; my hot cousin in hot boots is on the left.)

+ But, they’re not bad right?

+ I’m starting to do research on all-things baby. Friends and sisters are a tremendous resource.

+ I have three pregnancy-related books on my night-stand that I peruse every single night.

+ I get heartburn just by looking at food.

+ Jeff and I already have many nicknames for the baby boy.

+ Baby's ultrasound picture is my new bookmark.

+ This baby boy is already so, so loved...


hannah said...

I am so excited for you both. I can't wait to see the bump! Keep taking care of yourself.

Emily Frame said...

i love this! i say it every pregnancy post you do, but i nodded at every single one of these. heartburn. crying every day. worrying.

it's getting more fun though isn't it?

aimee heff said...

Your crocs look hot.

ali said...

All so familiar! I used the ultrasound pic as my bookmark, too. Thanks for reminding me of that fun memory ... it was like having him tucked under my pillow.

I'm just so excited for you.

Tiffany said...

Crocs are the new Manolos. You look wonderful. Congratulations again.

Lisa Cannon said...

Ahhhh pregnancy! I'm so glad I'm done :) I love your new crocs, they look really cute.

Ellen said...

yep. sounds like you're right on track!

Brecke Ure said...

You are not a wimp!! I bet I cry way more than you.

Annelise H. Jensen said...

Yay, you put up a picture with me in it. And you called me hot! I swear your baby bump grew just during the time we were in New York, it was SO much fun to be able to see you pregnant. You were such a trooper and so much fun. I can't even believe how excited I am to meet Pappas Jr.

Dede said...

You look fantastic Lacey! Not just saying this, but I used the ultra sounds picture as a book mark too!! I like to talk about pregnancy and babies with you.

janie said...

just came across your blog...i'm 22 weeks pregnant and also am guilty of crocs, with socks, lately :)