Washington D.C.

While in NY, we took a day to go to D.C. to see some sites. Here are just some of the highlights. But, probably one of my favorite highlights was seeing these friends:


(Thanks again Curt & Ali for meeting up with me!)


ali said...

Nooooo, thank you. Highlight of my month.

Dede said...

Great pictures! Looks like a fun trip-I'm jealous.

Anonymous said...
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Carlye Momma said...

How FUN! I need to go back there now that I'm an adult! LOVE the cemetary pix...well all of the pix really but I love the one in the cemetary with the huge tree and some of it's leaves covering the ground beneath it. Very peaceful! You're such a wonderful artist Lace!

this one said...

how fun. i live in dc too. it looks like you came at a good time before we got all this snow!

you take such wonderful pictures.