It's Time to Hip-Hop

Like me, if you were inspired by SYTYCD, it's time to put that inspiration into action... beginning tonight and every Tuesday night thereafter.

My little sister, Brecke, teaches an adult Hip-Hop class. I've taken this class before, and it is SO much fun. AND, it's a great, great cardio work-out.

It's a 45 minute class, and we dance, do some toning, and laugh! (That's important.)

Everyone's so nice, and it's easy to throw all worries out the door and just dance.

Here are the details:

Where: EMOTION DANCE STUDIO- 9000 S MONROE STREET off of State Street (It's past Club 90; eMotion studio has a purple door and shares a parking lot with a flooring store.)

Time: 7:00 pm


First class is free!

Please come- you'll love it.

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