Perfect Evening

Ready to watch Wilco

What a perfect evening- both Fleet Foxes and Wilco were amazing.

(I wanted to blog about it tonight before I forget how good it was.)

Fleet Foxes played a short set, but they sounded very, very good. Their harmonies were pitch perfect, and their accapella parts were beautiful.

I was very impressed.

And... onto the head-lining band.

Wilco got right down to business. They went from one song right to the next, while Tweety exchanged guitars.

All along, we were so awed by the way Wilco played. Perfectly paced, perfectly pitched, and jamming so well together, they sounded uh-mazing. The set seemed to crescendo, as they started out with their slower songs including "Remember the Mountain Bed", and slowly started to pick it up with "Hummingbird" and "California Stars." My favorites included the above and "Airline to Heaven," "Jesus, etc," and "Heavy Metal Drummer." Yes... we got to hear a lot of Yankee Hotel Foxtrot songs. (Thankfully.)


Tweety was very engaging and humorous.

As we were walking out, we saw Allison and David, and Allison and I were talking about how exhilarating you feel after a good show. Isn't it so true?

I think so. One of my favorites.


Sarah said...

It sounds perfect! I love the new song too. I can't wait to see them again. I hope I don't have to wait too long :)

Dede said...

I'm so sad I couldn't go to this show. I tried everything in my power to go (without paying hundreds). Glad to hear it was good...maybe next year.

Krissy said...

I love the feeling of leaving a good show :) Sounds like a perfect evening indeed!

Jeremy said...

Fantastic show!

I'm a little bummed though because the tix said cameras were not allowed, but of course once I got in (w/o my camera) I saw dozens and dozens of cameras. I knew I should have brought it. : (

But still, fantastic show.

Les said...

I've been out of concert going mode for a while now, which is weird. I used to be so die hard, (and the thought of missing Wilco would have killed me a few years ago). Love this band.

Well, I didn't even know they were in town. But yesterday as I was driving home for lunch I took a right turn on State Street downtown and glanced over at the sidewalk and said, "Whoa! There's Jeff Tweedy!" But then I thought. No, I would know if Wilco was in town. "Maybe I should double back just in case and get a photo and maybe an autograph or something?" Then I thought, "No that wasn't him, my mind is just playing tricks on me."

Aaaahhh! That would have been such a sweet paparrazi moment!

laceyJ. said...

Les- shut. right. up! You should've trusted those instincts! I would've totally asked for a picture AND autograph. Sorry you missed out on the show!

Jeremy- I wish you had your camera too- my lens is no good. I needed more zoom.

allison said...

It was amazing...

this is a nice overview of the set; nicely put.

It was so fun seeing you too!

Catherine said...

Oh how wonderful, I would love to see them, sounds like they were fantastic.