Camera Obscura, Part 2

Friends, do yourself a favor and download or purchase Camera Obscura’s recent release “My Maudlin Career.” I had only previewed and streamed this album a couple of times, but when we saw them on Tuesday night, I was immediately hooked to their new songs. And, do note: a lot of the songs are pretty mellow and are pretty much about falling in/out of love. (Jeff wishes they’d write about other topics.) However, as a hopeless romantic myself, I melt with these songs.

Some favorite tracks:
+ You Told a Lie
+ James
+ Away with Murder
+ Swans (What is the guitar rif at the beginning?! Reminds me of a children’s song, but I cannot place it.)
+ Forests and Sands

Even though the show got off to a very late start, Camera Obscura, and especially Tracyanne Campbell, sounded flawless. They even had a full band- with horns, strings, keyboards- alike. A lovely show with this Scottish band. (Even if I didn’t get to bed until 2:00 am, it was well worth it.)


et lille oejeblik - a little moment said...

you sold it to me :) i'll give it a go...

chelsea said...

Thanks for the review. From interviews I read, this album was written after Treacyanne broke up with someone. She says she's overall a fairly sad and melancholy person!:) To me their music is always a little bit sad but a little bit blissful too. Can't wait to see them now!!