The Price I'll Pay...

So, I recently paid $33 dollars each on tickets to see Rilo Kiley open for Modest Mouse. This really irks me for a dozen reason, but to name a few:

I could've seen Rilo Kiley play a dozen times at smaller venues, including Kilby Court on my birthday in 2001.

I didn't realize Rilo Kiley was one of my favorite bands until, approximately, 2002.

Jenny Lewis and Blake Sennett are no longer a couple, and it's obvious in their music. (Listen to a new track; Mike Elizondo, hip-hop, also Eminem Producer, produced the new album.)

They've changed, but after seeing them on Austin City Limits with an array of fun musical instruments, while Jenny Lewis still sounded so elegant and strong, I gotta see them.

Oh, and I suppose it'll be fun to see Modest Mouse, too... For $81 (after a ridiculous amount of surcharges) it'd better be worth it.

If you want to pay the big bucks too, click here.


Sarah said...

Lucky girl. This will be great! And I am definitely with you on the smaller venue thing.
You think US$33 is a lot? I just pais US$70 for Snow Patrol and US$85 for Crowded House!

Aimee said...

I love smaller venues too. And why are they opening for Modest Mouse. Shouldn't it be the other way around? I would much prefer to see Jenny Lewis dance around in her cute outfits for the majority of the show than Modest Mouse. But whatever.

I fell in love in about 2003 when I got home from the mission and my friend (who was a die hard Rilo Kiley fan from the very very very small venue era) put on The Frug from the EP album and I haven't stopped dancing and singing since.

A few favorites:
My Slumbering Heart
A Man/Me/Than Jim
Pictures of Success
Hail to Whatever You Found....
More Adventurous

I'll stop... have fun at the concert. She will make it worth your $81.