San Diego

I'm back from my blissful vacation. I had such an enjoyable time becoming a beach-bum for 6 days! (Though, my body did not adapt well, at all, to the sun. Note to self: Apply sunblock evenly.)

The ocean was surprisingly warm, as I attempted to body-surf the alarmingly large waves. Even though I didn't catch any to shore, I sure had fun holding my sister's hands as we danced, twirled, in the ocean.

One night, while watching the sun set, we saw a handful of dolphins swimming close to the pier. It was such a fun sight to see: brought smiles to all our faces.

~Now, I'll duly attempt to get back to the usual

daily grind of sitting behind a desk,

with my Marketing hat on, but it's

gonna be tough after my splendid

week on the beach!

P.S. It was really nice being away from a

computer for 6 whole days: there were so many

new blog posts from all my friends to catch up on!


Dede said...

Welcome back Lacey! Sounds like your trip was amazing.

Anonymous said...

Welcome back to the FC

ali said...

Fun photos, Lacey J. I'm glad you're back.

Anonymous said...

Too bad my bubble gum blowing didn't make the blog! It's hard work being your model.