It’s The Most Wonderful Time of The Year

So I heard yesterday on the radio. On Sundays I try to listen to 'Sounds of the Sabbath,' which 100.3 and 106.5 usually play. So, you can imagine my surprise when rather than hearing an instrumental version of a Hymn, I heard 'It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year!' Whaaaat??

This current season- prior to Thanksgiving- is this really the most wonderful time of the year? No… Christmas is. Christmas, which is in 55 days, 7 weeks, and for me, 4 more paychecks (Only 4?)!

But, it seems every year this splendid time comes earlier and earlier. Already department stores, radio stations, television advertisements want to ring in this happy time far too early.

And, I can admit, part of me gets excited especially when you see darling plates as this:

Or, after glancing at West Elm's recent catalog seeing their fun Christmas decorations:

(And, for fun- look how cute this throw pillow is:)

And, it's hard not to give in to this preemptive holiday spirit when you see cute, cute ornaments such as this:
But, we still have an entire month to look forward to Thanksgiving- the holiday that is being overshadowed by Christmas... I mean- don't you have lots of fun Thanksgiving memories? (One that stands out- Visiting our cousins in Mesa, Arizona for the '92 Thanksgiving- we got to watch the Suns/Jazz game in their hot-tub! Luckily, no one was electrocuted.)

So before we begin adorning the Mistletoe, bright Christmas lights, holiday wreaths, and stockings, just don't forget the turkey. (Or the tofurkey.)


Lorilee said...

Hi Lacy.. it's Lori. I hope you don't care that I found my way to your blog. I just wanted to say that I love your blog, and all your stories and photos you share. It's always fun to sneak a peek while I'm messing around at work. I have a blog too, if you want to sneak a peak you're welcome to....(although yours is much more entertaining). let me know if you want the address.

laceyJ. said...

of course not! heck yes i'd love to see your blog... send it my way! and thanks for your kind words.

Brad K. said...

The dork weather man on the news said to put the christmas lights up this weekend. I thought he was crazy but maybe he was on to something.

ali said...

What a beautiful new look, Lacey. There's something so YOU about that banner ... and that's a good thing! A recent Trib article reported that the early Christmas tunes are brought-on by listeners themselves. They voted for it! Anyway. Good job. I need another tutorial.

Kim said...

I too was surprised by the early Christmas music. It was playing on Halloween and I said the same thing . . .what about Thanksgiving? I love those fun pictures though, they do kind of get me excited.
I'll try and keep my concentration on the Tofurkey. Have you tried one? They are pretty good, except I didn't love the stuffing.

Anonymous said...

for the first time in some years i'm excited for x-mas