Photography Class

Tonight I started my Basic Photography class. It's an 8 week course to learn all the basics, which I desperately need and desperately look forward to learning.

I liked what our teacher asked us tonight: What do you want the camera to do?

So much. Too much. That's why I'm taking this class, and I think I'll find the answer.


Anonymous said...

that is so cool that you are taking that class!! I hope you can finally take some pictures of my kids-jk

Colleen said...

I tried to find a photography class to take this summer, but there was nothing close by. Just another reason we need to move to SLC!

You have cute handwriting. :)

Anonymous said...

Great idea. I really would like to take one someday. Can't wait to see/read more about it.

allison said...

how fun lacey! I wish I could take a refresher course ...seriously!

you'll have to show us what you learn..

Anonymous said...

Dito, I would like to know how you like this course. I really would like to take a photography course. Good Luck.

Aimee said...

Thanks for reminding us that its never too late to start learning.

Ditto about the handwriting. Its really cute.