Anatomy of Grey's...

Yay! It's back! My favorite show, "Grey's Anatomy" made it back to the air, on a new night. (Okay, don't even get me started on that- Sunday is the best night for this show.)

At the end of last season, the writer's left us with too many cliff-hangers: who was Meredith going to choose? Does Izzie really quit medical school after loosing Denny? (All the while making the Snow Patrol song 'Chasing Cars' insanely popular.) Can Burke still practice after injuring his hand? (Now that I think of it, was Burke in only 1 scene last night?)

So, after an entire summer of waiting, we were finally going to get some answers!

The writer's showed many flashbacks throughout the episode... Which, actually, was entertaining. (Wasn't the scene of Derek and Addison intense? I now have a better understanding of why she desperately was trying to get him back.) And, we see McDreamy confess his love directly to Meredith, as he leaves her with a decision. But, wait a minute, isn't he still with Addison? When is he going to decide that he's not in love with Addison anymore...?

Ultimately, though, we don't get many answers... The plot remains the same- no conclusions have been decided- but! The drama is back... Or, was there too much drama?

I thought so. The main story I had a problem with was Miranda's. Miranda's usually the calm, tough, level-headed Doctor. But, last night, she gave into her emotions. (Was she feeling guilty about Denny's death?) And, to boot, her performance last night didn't convince me. I wanted her to back away from the door and stop asking that man to touch her hands. Cheeezay!

And, the Plague story-line... still didn't convince me. Was that the only thing that would've been able to quarantine George and Derek, so that George could ask Derek if he ever told Meredith he loved her?

Yes, I know this is just the beginning of the season, but already my high-hopes for this show were somewhat squashed. And, to top it off- the music wasn't as great as it usually is...!

But, this won't detur me from tuning in next week... My DVR (Thanks honey.) will be recording this show... It has to get better... right?

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