The Gift of Cubicle

So… I can admit; I’m not very motivated about contests-- whether it be a Halloween contest for best costume, or any other contest. I’m lazy. I don't want to do any of the work to win.

For example, when it comes to costumes, I have fabulous ideas, but I’m never motivated to actually implement them. Case in point: one year, I dressed up as a shadow… That’s right, I wore all black and attempted to follow people around all evening. (Guess I was really an annoying shadow.) I simply wore this costume because it was e-a-s-y to pull together. (Not my best work, I know.)

And, this past Halloween when my boss challenged us to dress up for Halloween, I knew immediately that I wasn’t going to dress up. Didn’t want to wake up early on Wednesday to pick out odds and ends to try and create something… anything. And, the thing about a good Halloween costume is that you cannot go about it half-heartedly. To really pull a good costume off, you have to include all of the important elements. (If I didn’t have a fur coat, a long fur coat, for Margot Tenenbaum, all of the other elements for the costume would’ve been pointless.) So, rather than wrap myself in toilet paper and go as a Mummy, I just wore my regular clothes to work. (But I did wear my Skeleton socks.)

Recently, my boss gave us another challenge. The challenge: decorate your cubicles (Yes, I live in a cubicle, or cubihell, for 8 hours of the day, just kidding- I truly enjoy my job.) for the holidays. She even tried to bribe us by stating that there would be fabulous prizes. And yet, immediately I thought- uh, nah thanks.

But, as I realized my co-workers had yet to really decorate their cubes, and since my boss seemed sorta bummed that no one was taking her challenge, I started to think… should I decorate… my cubicle…? (My house has yet to be decorated, but I suppose I could decorate the place I spend almost 40 hours a week in. Besides that, what if I won?)

So, I came up with possible concepts.

First up, Candyland. I would have candy canes hanging on streamers, with gum-drop chains, white paper pinned on the walls to look like snow, with gingerbread men cut out of construction paper to put on the walls. And, to top it off-- white lights streamed along the walls to give it a little glow…

But, I quickly realized this would just be too much work.

Then, Jeff suggested that I turn my cubicle into a Gingerbread house… fun, idea huh? But, after thinking about how much work would actually be needed to pull this off, I promptly vetoed that idea.

But, today while walking around JoAnne’s on my lunch break, I had a vision… okay- not really a vision, just an idea… a really-easy-to-decorate-my-cubicle-and-possibly-win idea.

So, I came up with this:

Welcome to my cubicle… it’s a present. A wrapped gift topped with a bow. Inside? A hard-working employee, of course. (Haven't fully thought through the entire concept... but, I'm getting there.)

And, although I went about this half-heartedly, I'm very proud of my gift.

(Though, I secretly hope I win.)

*A special thanks to Allison. Thanks for your help in wrapping my cubicle and for these fine pictures. Also, I apologize to Angie, Allison, and Holly, or any other co-worker, for writing about this work occasion here. I just couldn't help myself.


Aimee said...


i'm am sure you are a fantastic employee. i would love to work with you everyday!

ps. i hate thinking and organizing Halloween costumes too. it stresses me out. needless to say, i am thrilled i didn't marry my high school unsweet heart whose birthday was on Halloween which would've required crazy halloween/birthday parties, right?! Too much for one unfestive halloweener right?!

Hallie said...

I love it Laci! Such a cute easy idea.

Anonymous said...

Fabulous. I would vote for you!

alyson. said...

this rocks. makes me want to decorate my cube.

Anonymous said...

Lacey, your cube did stop me in my tracks this morning but I thought it must have been your birthday or something and I just forgot.

Good job.

Unknown said...

how cool! it would definately make me not dread the cubicle world!

i so know how that feels... i lived in a cubicle for a good 4 years of my life...

ali said...

Haaaaa! You are such a genius. I, of course, adore your idea. Times one hundred and twenty.

Way to go, LJ!

Unknown said...

i love love love it! and i love that you participated. it's such a bummer when no one wants to join in the fun. hopefully you've set a trend and others will follow your lead.

Erin said...

I am not going to lie...this post makes me want to come back! Your cubicle never looked better.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad Brad thought you would decorate like that for your birthday-hilarious!
It is so cute Lace, are you doing to decorate inside? Now you have to show us other employees cubicles.

Anonymous said...

Nice work Lacey! You'll have to let us know if you win!

Kristin said...

The present idea is way cute and I thought the Candyland, Gingerbread house was way cute too. That's my problem too, I love the idea of decorating/getting dressed up but that's where it ends. Way to follow that through!

Anonymous said...
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