happy:blissful! mix one

Thanks everyone for your music suggestions! I previewed every suggested band, and put together some of my faves (in no particular order, besides an aesthetically pleasing-mix order):

  1. Melpo Mene: Holes (Thanks, Ali.)
  2. Jaymay: Blue Skies
  3. The High Llamas: The Old Spring Town (Thanks, Spencer.)
  4. Elizabeth and the Catapult: My Goodbye (Thanks, Claire.)
  5. Willoughby: Story
  6. Bell X1: Rocky Took a Lover (Thanks,Ellen. )
  7. Angus & Julia Stone: All of Me (Thanks,Catherine.)
  8. Josh Pyke: Middle of the Hill (Thanks, Robin.)
  9. Little Wings: Light Green Leaves (Thanks, Aimee.)
  10. Sera Cahoone: Baker Lake
  11. Coconut Records: West Coast (Thanks, Jo.)
  12. Explosions In The Sky: Remember Me As a Time of Day (Thanks, Krista.)

To preview, I've published it on iTunes... click here.


love.boxes said...

Those all sound so fun! This is what I need to do.. get myself some tunes! :) Happy Easter!

Catherine said...

Lovely play list! And you have josh pyke on there too! This is great for the new music I was after, thank you for that.

Kris said...

I think I'll have to get this one for our road trip!

Kris said...

Oh...and thanks for all the awesome suggestions...It gave me a spring board to get going!

ali said...

Why no giveaway this time? I want one! Glad you liked Mr. Melpo.

jo said...

i've never heard of them before angus & julia stone. and i´m so very much liking them!!!