Here comes the sun...

So, in lieu of this weekend's bright forecast (hope I don't jinx it), I went into my iTunes Library (it's just my library at work, so there's not too much to work with), and searched for the word 'Sun.' Here are some of the songs that came up:

+Sun Giant, Fleet Foxes

+A Sunday Smile, Beirut

+These Days Nothing But Sunshine, The Clientele

+Sunshine Barato, Mosquitos

+Sunrise, Yeasayer

I am sooo looking forward to warmer weather, and these songs add a nice soundtrack to that feeling.

(If you also do a library search for 'sun,' I'd love to know what comes up!)


Marilyn said...

Here Comes the Sun Again - M.Ward
Sunshine - Orba Square
Island in the Sun - Weezer
The Sun - Maroon 5
Powder Your Face with Sunshine - Dean Martin
Running on Sunshine - Jesus Jackson
Sunshine - Matt Costa
You Are My Sunshine - Sara Gazarek
Don't Let the Sun Go Down on Me - Elton John
Soak Up the Sun - Sheryl Crow
Sun Down - Nik Freitas

That's just a small sampling of my "sunny" songs.

Ellen said...

Here's what came up on mine:

Don't let the Sun go down on your Grievience - Daniel Johnston
As Sure as the Sun - BRMC
Sunday Sun - Beck
Sunshine Recorder - Boards of Canada
Sunlight Bathes Our Home - Clinic
Sunsquashed - Yo La Tengo
Sunday Morning - Velvet Underground

ali said...

Off the top of my head:

Here comes the Sun and Hello, Sunshine (Super Furry Animals version). For some reason I love that song and it's not catchy or super cool or anything. Just good.

Tori said...

Ben Folds Five - Where's Summer B?
Bryan Adams - Summer of '69
Death Cab - Summer Skin
Don Henly - Boys of Summer
Mae - Summertime
Matt Pond PA - Summer is Coming
Sheryl Crow - Soak up the Sun
[afraid to admit this next]
LFO- Summertime

Jeremy said...

Sunday 3:52-Aereogramme
Dancing Through Sunday-AFI
Sunlit Ascending-The Appleseed Cast
Sunday Sun-Beck
Asleep On A Sunbeam-Belle & Sabastian
Beyond The Sunrise-Belle & Sabastian
Sundress-Ben Kweller
Sunshine-Better Than A Thousand
Not The Sun-Brand New
Sunrise, Sunset-Bright Eyes
Don't Let The Sun Go Down On You-Daniel Johnston
The Sun Shines Down On Me-Daniel Johnston
Sunset Soon Forgotten-Iron & Wine
Sunken Treasure-Jeff Tweedy
That Lucky Old Sun-Johnny Cash
Sunday Morning Coming Down-Johnny Cash
Where The Sun Had Been-Mason Jennings
Sunspots-Modest Mouse
Half Year Sun-The Promise Ring
Today's Sun-Putois
People Of The Sun-Rage Against The Machine
Holiday Sunrise-Rancid
Live In Sunshine-Rapture
Longtime Sunshine-Rivers Cuomo
Plastic Sun-Sonic Youth
Sunday-Sonic Youth
Sunset On 32nd Street-Strike Anywhere
Ghost On Sunset Strip-Suicide Machines
Who Loves The Sun-Velvet Underground
Ride Into The Sun-Velvet Underground
Sunday Morning-Velvet Underground
Blister In The Sun-Violent Femmes
Sun In An Empty Room-The Weakerthans
Island In The Sun-Weezer
Sunken Treasure-Wilco

I can't believe I just typed all of those...did I do this right? Seems like I have a million compared to everyone else. Sorry so long.

Spencer said...

"Another Sunny Day" - Belle & Sebastian
"Song for Sunshine" - B&S
"Turquoise Hexagon Sun" - Boards of Canada
"Sundialing" - Caribou
"Sunsesame" - Caribou
"These Days Nothing But Sunshine" - The Clientele
The Sun Is Still Sunny" - Dean & Britta
"Little Sunflower" - Dorothy Ashby
"Sun Drums and Soil" - Four Tet
"The Sun Beats Down" - The High Llamas
"I was a Sunny Rainphase" - Stereolab
"Hebridean Sun" - Vashti Bunyan

Also, gotta agree with Ali about "Hello Sunshine". Great tune from a great album--and, heck, a great band. Puts a smile on my face.