Happy news, if you already haven't heard, Jeff and I will be closing on our new home next week. (Knock. on. wood.) If everything goes smoothly, we'll be moving in next week. And, it's all I can think about. We are getting so excited.

New house also means new furniture. In good time, we'll be filling up all the extra rooms we now have.

I spotted this sidetable at Ikea:

And, I think it would look lovely in our living room with our black couch. However, Jeff thinks the space would look like too bumble bee'ish... But! I'm trying to convince him otherwise with all of the other accent colors I could bring into the room.

What do you think- too much?


Anonymous said...

How exciting! I really like the table- super cute!

ali said...

I love it. LUFF.

You guys have the design sense to steer around any bumble bee-ishness, and bring it all together nicely.

ferardandy said...

oooh would you be way mad if i copied you???

Jeremy said...

Sorry Lacey, I've got to agree with Jeff on this one.

If you guys need help moving in, let me know and hopefully I can help.

Unknown said...

um, I like bumblebee's :) and I think it would look really really cute.

btw, congrats on the new house purchase!! that is so very exciting!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Lacey Jane said...

Thanks for the feedback! Looks like I'm going to go and buy me some furniture this weekend!

And, Fergi, you should get it too! I dare you!

Jamie said...

Not bumble bee...totally cool looking bee. That is awesome.