Part-ay Shuffle

Figured it was time to turn-on the Party Shuffle and have a mix-all-around...

To play:

1. Open iTunes
2. Click on Party Shuffle
3. List the 10 bands that come up first. (No cheating.)

Without further ado, here are my ten:
  1. Oliver James, Fleet Foxes (New band- haven't given them much of a listen yet, but I'm working on it. Like 'em.)
  2. Fake Palindromes, Andrew Bird (Love this song, and this is a live version from a Black Session in 2005. Great track.)
  3. The Upper Peninsula, Sufjan Stevens (Haven't listed to Greetings from Michigan in a long time. But, I love this mellow track; think the guitar and dueted vocals are pretty.)
  4. Gila, Beach House (Must be on a mellow trend! I really like this song... especially the chorus of oh-oh-oh-ohs. Think there are a dozen of them.)
  5. 2080, Yeasayer (Not very familiar with this band... yet. Though, I do know they are coming to SLC this month. Gotta check them out. Interesting vocals.)
  6. Hide and Seek, Imogen Heap (Thought I'd get sick of this song with the over-use of it. But, I haven't. Still feels refreshing.)
  7. Middle Management, Bishop Allen (I like the sorta-punk hooks and catchy vocals.)
  8. Grow Old With Me, John Lennon (Always think of Jeffrey when this song comes up. I love it.)
  9. Paint a Babe, Jana Hunter (Very haunting vocals... but, I really, really like it.)
  10. Somehow, Jason Collett (Been listening to this album a lot, and he's definitely grown on me. This specific track is quite mellow... pretty fitting with this weather.)

If you feel like playing, please leave a comment- I'd love to know what's shuffling in your library!


alyson. said...

ha...seriously, do you want to know what came up on mine? Chopin Nocturnes. that's it, but considering that I only have 139 songs on my itunes at work, I half expected Chopin to top the list. just not the whole list. ;)

alyson. said...

and oh yea... Yeasayer, 2080? stuck in my head always. great song.

Marilyn said...

I love this game.

1. Ain't No Reason - Brett Dennen
2. Come In from the Cold - Marc Broussard
3. Your Song - Kate Walsh
4. Blue Skies - Jaymay
5. Gotta Have You - The Weepies
6. American Hearts - A.A. Bondy
7. So Sorry - Feist
8. I Sing I Swim - Seabear
9. You Are My Face - Wilco
10. More of It - Leigh Nash

Krissy said...

oh man, yours is great! mine is not so great.. ha! I posted and linked to you!

Jeremy said...

Good list.

I made my own post and linked yours! Thanks for the fun game!

Chanse said...
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Chanse said...

Great so see Jeff's name mentioned