New Death Cab: Do you or don't you?

Do you like the new Death Cab for Cutie album? (You can stream "Narrow Stairs" in its entirety here. )

For me, I like the last half of the album... Favorite tracks, so far, include:

+ Talking Bird

+ You Can Do Better Than Me

+ Your New Twin Bed

(And, Gibbards all over the analogies again this album... Talking Birds, Twin Beds, Long Division... but, it makes for great lyrics.)

Glad to have even more songs from this great band.


Jeremy said...

I'd have to say that in a way I'm more impressed w/ this record than the last. PLANS, being their major label debut, seemed to have more radio songs-not that they were bad-but definitely made for short enough and catchy enough for the radio kids. With NARROW STAIRS I don't get that feel at all. In fact, most of the songs are much to long for radio play and are more instrumental than lyrical. It feels like it was made by them for them and for the fans and not so much the record label or radio kids.

Maybe I'm not listening to the words enough or using my brain, but I'm not seeing an analogy in Talking Bird. That is actually my very least favorite tracks of all Death Cab because of the lyrics, but maybe I'm just not getting it? Do share your insight!

Krista said...

i totally am in agreement. I'm favoring more of the last half of the album, but maybe it just takes some more listening to.

laceyJ. said...

Yeah- I think more listens may help me warm up to the other songs.

And, I totally hear an analogy in 'Talking Bird,' but it's definitely not a literal analogy. I think it's definitely more figurative. Lyrics:

"Free to leave or stay, as long as you choose to stay. It's all here for you; as long as you don't fly away."

To me, it's not just about a bird. It's about someone he loves.

Anyhow... good to hear other people's observations as well!

Jeremy said...

Ah yes. I see so clear now. I think my problem was that I shut off listening to it before actually listening to it, if that makes sense!