Picture Time

My friend at work asked if I'd take her engagement pictures last week... I had so much fun hanging-out with them and snapped away. Aren't they a beautiful couple?


I also got to take pics of my sister's friend with her family:


(This was her little girl giving her a dandelion- so sweet.)

I've been busy, busy... And, still sick, sick... hope to feel better soon.


Ashley L. said...

What beautiful pictures! i hope to be as successful of a photographer enough to take engagement pictures one day. what a fun task! :)

reno said...

A beautiful couple indeed... really, it boggles the mind how ridiculously good-looking that couple is. Hee. Whatever - it took your mad photo skillz to make us look that good! THANK YOU!!!

Brecke said...

Those engagements look great! I want to see more of Shan's family, they look so cute

Lani said...

Beautiful photos!