The Swell Season

Saw them on Friday night, and it was ah-mazing. We didn't think we'd stay too long; I came down with a nasty cold and was feeling tired and sick.

But, we could not leave. Glen Hansard was so engaging with the crowd. He'd tell us stories about each and every song they played.

Also, as you can see when he plays, he is so passionate when he sings. And, the sound was perfect. (Except for people who were talking way too loud.)

Marketa I. was just as lovely and is quite an impressive musician; their harmonies were flawless.

Also, he had some of his fellow musicians from The Frames on stage, one of which was an amazing violinist. The added strings were sooo lovely.

So happy we went.

(This is a clip from the show. Not by me. We weren't that close.)


Jeremy said...

Jealous am I.

When I heard they were making a stop in the Great Salt Lake, I was so stoked, but alas when I checked their schedule, I realized I would be out of town and miss the blessed event.

Glad to hear I wouldn't have been let down at all had I been able to attend!

Krissy said...

I've never heard of them! Maybe I'm out of it. I will check it out from home.

allison said...


It was the best darn show I've seen in a LONG time. Amazing, really. I was so impressed. It was fun to see you!

allison said...

Oh, and I LOVED that he used his guitar from the movie with holes in it. it was awesome.

Lani said...

Never heard of them...but I'll check out their myspace page right now :)

Kitchen Mom said...

Clicking around on blogs from The Photo Trade and saw your post. I'm so jealous! I just watched Once the other night. So bummed good bands seldom make it down my way.

Catherine said...

oh how wonderful to see them they are so amazing, I am jealous! I can just imagine live would create goosebumps!

Chelsea said...

Isn't he darling? His passion is infectious. I saw them last summer and I still say it's the best show I've seen in my life. I'm so in love with them:)!