Made a wish

Thanks Catherine of Little Glowing Lights for tagging me! I had a nice respite from all things computer over the long weekend, but I'm back...

What I was doing ten years ago...?

(Wow. 10 years ago doesn't feel that long ago.)

+I was just about to graduate high school. Hoping to keep in touch with some of my bestest friends, say goodbye to many I may not see for another 10 years (Yes, you all talked me into going to my reunion.), and learn all about independence.

+ I wasn't sure what I wanted to study in school. I went to the local community college to help navigate what I wanted to study. Instead, I think I confused myself even more. However, I always loved school.

5 Things on My To-do List today...

(Yay! Think I accomplished most of these!)

+ Go furniture shopping. (We found a great deal at Down East. Hoorah!)

+ Go to the grocery store.

+ Plan my week.

+ Weed. (Darn rain messed this chore up.)

+ Hang-out with Jeffrey.

+Print off some pics

Snacks I enjoy...

(Oh boy, where to begin.)

+ Anything salty

+ Anything sweet

+ Banana, orange, or apple

+ Pudding (seriously)

+ Pace Popsicles (a new favorite- Tiger's Blood is my personal fave)

Things I would do if I were a billionaire!

+ Buy my parents all sorts of things

+ Buy my siblings all sorts of things

+ Travel. Travel. Travel.

+ Pay off our new home.

+ Open shop at Jeff's art gallery.

Places I've lived before:

(This is pretty boring.)

+ Sandy, Utah

+ Logan, Utah

+ London, England

+ Murray, Utah

+Salt Lake City, Utah

And, if you're reading this, consider yourself tagged...!


Krissy said...

It's so great to learn more about all my favorite bloggers out there :)

Catherine said...

Oh I am so pleased you did the tag! it was great to read a little more about you. I hope you will enjoy your reunion.

Lani said...

Oh I love these things! Helps to get to know the writer a bit more :)

AND you just gave me something to blog about today ;)