Guilty Pleasure: The Time Traveler's Wife

My sister let me borrow this book. I read probably four years ago and totally fell for Claire and Henry's story. So... I'm reading it again, and was up until 2:00 AM, as I couldn't put it down.

I think its the love story that makes me fall for this book. Henry and Claire's love is not perfect, but there's a lot of passion and such commitment to each other. Plus, the whole time traveling thing? It's totally believable in this book.

Also... the film version comes out 12/25, so if you're going to see the movie, I'd recommend you read it first. However, I know a handful of people who couldn't get through the book... (Don't really understand that.)

Are there any books that you've read twice? For me, it'll be this book and a few of my favorite classics, including "Pride and Prejudice" and "To Kill a Mockingbird." Guess I'm sorta obsessed with this book. Just a little.

(Disclaimer: For those of you who haven't read "Time Traveler's Wife" just know if the book were a movie, it would be rated R, due to some dicey content and some curse words. Just so ya know.)


Colleen said...

I just read this one last month and LOVED it. Here's a bit from my goodreads review:

"my favorite thing about the story was just the mystery of love. It is clear from the very beginning that Henry isn't a particularly amazing guy (other than the obvious time-traveling hocus pocus). He drinks too much, he's careless in his relationships, he's self absorbed. Yet he and Clare both just KNOW they are meant to be together. Despite his flaws, despite the difficult things they're forced to deal with in their relationship. I think that's such an important, underrated concept nowadays. It doesn't take perfect people to make an amazing love story. And that's what this book ultimately is, an amazing love story."

I'll definitely be rereading it, and I can't wait for the movie! I reread all of my favorites. Les Miserables, Wuthering Heights, and Gone With the Wind are on my 3+ times list. :)

laceyJ. said...

Perfect re-cap, Colleen! So true.

I LOVED Wuthering Heights- that's another I'll defintely re-read.

aimee heff said...

Great review, Colleen. Well said about love and perseverance.

Lacey, I too love this book. My dad finished it before I picked him up at the airport years ago and insisted I read it because "it made him wept".

I love the poem at the beginning. It is so reflective of the whole story.

I realize it is rated R and have had some friends not like it for this reason but if you put that aside it is a creative masterpiece with how the author timed everything.

Can't wait for the movie. I hope it doesn't disappoint. Either way it will be fun to see it come to life.

My rereads: Gone With the Wind, Memoirs of a Geisha (read it in Japan again and loved it).

Joslyn said...

this is my favorite book. for sure.

ali said...

Man, I need to give this one a whirl. And soon!

marli said...

i've read this book once. it is one that it is my permanent collection and i recommend it a lot. i am counting the days until the movie premieres. will most likely read it again before then. anyone who hasn't read this needs too. honest.