Utah Fair

Jeff and I visited the Utah Fair over the weekend. Suprisingly, it was very hot and too bright to take any of the "artsy" pictures I was hoping to get.

Instead- a collage of our favorite sights:


1. HUGE Big Red
2. Giant Gator that Jeff really wanted to pay a visit to
3. Some of our favorite kitty t-shirts
4. Jeff's favorite t-shirt (hint: it's the barely-dressed woman in front of the husky.)
5. Lots-o-chicken
6. Chance to see an elephant-pig, 5-legged sheep, or Misty the Mermaid, unfortunately, we didn't have enough cash to get in.

Maybe next year...


Jeremy said...

We went to the fair too and I was curious about the gator, but when I saw people coming out that had paid to see it, I was suspicious that it was a hoax because NO ONE seemed satisfied at all. Did you notice that at all?

ali said...

Ah! I can't read your blog anymore. It's too painful. Makes me miss UT. And you.

jen said...

I find it amusing that on the side of the gator trailer they must advertise that the gator is "ALIVE!"