A Little Help...

So... I'm making a permanent switch from Bloglines to Google Reader. Bloglines has been driving me increasingly crazy; it's been so slow lately, and I've been missing out on a lot of new blog posts from some of my favorite bloggers.

In the transition, I've realized that there are a lot of blogs that I subscribe that I don't jump to read. They idle and I don't get around to reading them until they have 20+ new feeds.

My question to you: what are the blogs you read (outside of close family and friends) that you're always quick to jump and read?

Here are some of mine:

+ How About Orange
+ SFGirlByBay
+ C Jane Enjoy It
+ Frolic!
+ I Heart You
+ It's Hard to Find a Friend

What are yours? Would love your feedback!


Anonymous said...

Go Fug Yourself is hilarious!

Ellen said...

(because she sews and has amazing fashion sense and is just too cute.)
(because she makes me feel all warm and cozy inside.)

that's all i have off the top of my head. if i think of more... i'll post again.

.caroline armelle. said...

i know.
bloglines has been driving me NUTS lately.

a couple blogs i've been liking lately. a few of the way too many...







reno said...

Sigh... checking out these sweet, adorable, tasty-looking weblogs has me re-thinking my blog M.O.

Not surprisingly, I visit mostly tasteless humor blogs, like these:


But also some less offensive ones like:

And you must love:

Kirsten said...

I always get inspired when I check out Lena Corwin's blog (blog.lenacorwin.com). For Me For You is a good one if you're looking to find some cool stuff on etsy (forme-foryou.com). Abby Try Again (abbytrysagain.typepad.com) and Smosch (www.smosch.com) have excellent photography. Savilintu (savilintu.blogspot.com) is just beautiful.

Oh and I think you were totally right about the new Jenny Lewis album — I have been meaning to comment on your post for a while. I was just as disappointed. I thought it would grow on me, but it didn't.

Chelsea said...

thanks:) i have too many in my google reader. i keep thinking i need to clean it up. ill seen and said is a great one:


laceyJ. said...

Awesome links everyone! I've bookmarked them all. Thank you@