Vegas, baby...

Before Jeff's surprise party, I had another surprise in store; I whisked him away to Vegas for the day. Jeff has never really stopped in Vegas, only driven through (and, I can't really blame him for that), but I thought it would be fun for us to fly down for the day/night to shop, play, and yes, gamble.

We had a lot of fun eating at In-n-Out, shopping, eating at a late-night buffet, spotting L.C. (I don't believe Jeff.), sleeping in, and losing money. Ah- Vegas; we won't be back for another five years.

Here are some sights from the trip:

vegas collage


Lorilee said...

that in-n-out tray is making my mouth water.
what a fun little vay-kay...
happy birthday jeff.

this one said...

are those in-and-out burgers. cruel to post these!!!

i hate the east coast for that reason.

i hope you had fun! happy burfday!!

ali said...

What a good wife you are! Such great ideas ... and effort on the behalf of your loved one.

If I could, I would have given Jeff 30 churros from Morelia for his birthday.