we did this all morning:

Picture 008

(Don't worry- I wasn't just taking photos; I too was helping, I promise.)

Together, Jeff and I filled a total 0f 35 HUGE bags with leaves:

Picture 004

We were raking up leaves, putting leaves in the bag, tying the bags up for FOUR hours.

Jeff was kind enough to help our elderly neighbors. While he was able to clean up both of their yards, I was cleaning up ours. (Yes, this means I am a very, very slow leaf picker-upper.)

It was a relief to get this chore done.

But...! Look what's looming over us:

Picture 006



Kim said...

I guess that's what home owning is all about! Sounds like a LONG day good job!

Colleen said...

See, the great thing about all that work is all the big beautiful trees you must have! That's the bummer about living in a fairly new house - only baby trees. I'd make the trade. :)

megan said...

oh my-that reminds me of all the work I have yet to do on my own yard this weekend. I feel you-it A LOT of work!