Shabby Chic For Sale

My sister is selling her Rachel Ashwell's Shabby Chic designer crib accessories. These aren't the Shabby Chic pieces you buy at Target; these are the real deal at a fabulous price.

I've seen these in person, and they are darling.

First up is a pink/white striped crib skirt. (Sorry no images, but my sister should be able to send them to you.) See details here.

Second is the Rachel Ashwell Shabby Chic Chenelle White Bumper Pads... beautiful:

It comes with a DOWN bumper too.... so soft. Details here.

(Let me know if you have any questions on these pieces, and I'll get you in touch with my sister.)


Brecke said...

Those are so cute! She should have saved them for us..

Justin Brown said...

I will! First one pregnant between you and zoot gets it!!! ha ha ;)

ali said...

I'm with Justin. And Brecke.

What a cute set. If Curtis didn't already think my bedding choices were too girly then I just might consider it....