Zooey+Ben? Who Knew.

Who else read this? I'm VERY surprised.

But, hope these two indie-love-birds really do make it!


Krista said...

yep, surprising. but I'm happy for them.

aimee heff said...

Stunned. No words.

I didn't even know these two were dating and then they are engaged?!

We have been trying hard to have a Ben Gibbard sighting here in Seattle now we will have to make it a Ben/Zooey sighting.

Gretchen said...

I was shocked, but it makes complete sense! Best wishes to both of them. :)

Ellen said...

I know! I saw this yesterday. Kinda crazy.

ali said...

I was hoping you might put the two photos together and show us what their babies are going to look like. :)