Andrew Bird's Newest Release

You can stream Andrew Bird's newest album, "Noble Beast." I've been listening this afternoon and am really impressed with the album. I love the way he composes songs; he relies on the music so much more than the melody. And, the strings are GORGEOUS.

Listen via NPR here.

(Looks like Bird will be around for a chat tomorrow on NPR's Live Chat. Fun!)


jomama said...

thanks for the heads up! i'm listening right now and so far it sounds great. i LOVE andrew bird and i'm so excited for this release!

p.s. i hope i don't seem like a crazy person commenting on your blog. i don't know you but found you through your heart out, and we have such similar taste in music... i really enjoy reading your blog :)

Ellen said...

can't wait for the live chat!

Catherine said...

This was playing when I went into a music store on friday and it made me stop in my tracks, I'd never heard him before but that small snippet was enough to get me hooked!