Double Chocolate Tiramisu

So... for my recipe exchange this month, I signed-up for Dessert. Rather than bake cookies, which is a recipe that I always defer to, I wanted to do something different.

Jeff and I are obsessed with Tiramisu (by the way, Salt Lake's Stoneground's version is our favorite). So, I opted for a recipe without the alcohol or the coffee.

Thanks to Martha, I stumbled on this recipe.
Truth be told, the recipe looked easy enough, so I started making it, and began layering the ladyfingers when the recipe- the same one I had looked at about five times by now- totally confused me. I wasn't sure which elements she was referring to as the chocolate filling or the cocoa mixture. I was baffled.

But, by this point, I couldn't turn back, I was almost done layering. So, I wasn't sure that this recipe was going to turn out.

I stuck it in the refrigerator overnight, and give it a taste-test the next day- turns out, it wasn't so bad. I added the final element of cocoa powder to the top (Note: do not go crazy with this task. The result can end in inhaling too much of the powder and coughing will commence. Oops.) and cutting them up and placing them on a serving tray.

I was very nervous to take them to Recipe Club, but I did anyway... and, luckily, me fellow recipe-goers reassured me. I think they liked it. They seemed to like it. Thanks for the reassurance friends.

So, all in all, a confusing, yummy, messy recipe... but, still, pretty good. Find it here.

(Photo from Marthastewart.com. I also took pics, but they weren't half as pretty.)


Anonymous said...

So did you add more chocolate? Glad it turned out.

Anonymous said...

zOOt: It WAS YummY! SOOO yummy you did good :)

Lorilee said...

Stoneground is my favorite tiramisu too. But yours looks quite tasty.