"Revolutionary Road"

Dede and I caught "Revolutionary Road" at the dollar flicks over the weekend. Although it's a very gritty, emotional, and sometimes-not-easy-to-watch movie, I really enjoyed it.

Kate Winslet wholly deserved to win the Oscar for her role in the movie.

I also loved the backgrounds in the movie- it's set in the mid-1950's- so, it was visually eye-catching as well. The lighting in most of the frames was beautiful; I wanted to go take pictures of their Revolutionary Road home.

See more pictures here.


easy to miss dot com said...

she won for her role in the reader, but i think i liked her more in RR as april. (both were great though, of course.)

Kami said...

bummer...I wanted to comment on your Ava post. Where did it go?! Congrats to Brittany and Russ. She is darling! I grew up with both of them. They are great!

Bridgett said...

But was her and Leo's chemistry as good as in Titanic? That's the real question.
jk I really want to see this after all the mixed reviews. Looks gorgeous.