More Observations While Being Pregnant

+ As shown in the photo above, we're starting to accumulate a small collection of tangible items to remind us that we're having a baby! (Isn't that hat adorable? His dad has one just like it.)

+ I'm constantly thinking about food. (Like right now- I need a snack. And, I've already decided what dinner will be.)

+ I also am constantly thinking about baby furniture. Should I really spend $90 on Shipping for a crib?!

+ I feel like the little guy knows when I want to feel him move- when I think of it- he moves. For me.

+ It's thee worst being sick while pregnant.

+ I don't think I should take anything to treat this ridiculous head cold of mine. Is anything safe?

+ Maternity pants are strange.

+ We feel pretty confident of what the name of our little guy will be. But... it's still hard to commit to- this is a huge decision.

+ I have to weigh myself at this week's appointment. I have a feeling it's going to be the most weight gain to date.

+ While staying home from work trying to nurse this head cold, I started watching TLC's "Baby Story." Probably not the best idea- I'm now admittedly scared of labor.

+ Black is the best color to wear when trying to not look so huge.

+ When people ask how far along I am, I can now say "I am six months." I don't think people realize I still have about four months to go when they reply- "Wow- that went by fast!"

+ I'm always daydreaming of what our life will be like when the baby is here.


ali said...

I love reading these observations, Lace. It brings back wonderful and not quite-so-wonderful memories. :)

Don't be afraid of labor. The epidural will be your best friend. QUIT watching those heinous, drama-ridden shows and go buy more cute clothes.

Jesse C said...

It's so fun Lacey.

Labor wasn't really that bad at all for me.

(It wasn't bad for Natalie either, her epidural worked like a charm.)

Lindy Phippen Smith said...

I love reading these. I bet you look fabulous. Feeling the baby move is priceless, is it not?!!

Dede said...

I agree...those shows are scary! I love reading these observations. I am so excited for you. That baby boy is one lucky kid!

Dede said...

P.S. I've been meaning to talk to you about maternity pants.

Lorilee said...

maternity pants and lori don't mix. i can't do it. have you tried a belly band? i think they are the best.

i wish i was as confident as you about our name and your life will be so much fun when he joins you.. very different.. but very fun.