Week 32

Self Portrait- 32 weeks

Here I am at 32 weeks already. I can't believe I'm 8 months along! More observations from my pregnancy:

+ A kicking baby is a comforting thing. (It hasn't gotten too uncomfortable yet for me.)

+ Baby is a night-owl just like his daddy. He goes crazy around 11:oopm-11:30pm'ish.

+ I think my face is the thing that is starting to expand (besides my belly) more than anything else. My lips are bigger- is that weird?

+ I really should be sponsored by Tums. I live off those things.

+ Food now scares me because I really, really, really, really hate heartburn.

+ Jeff has written a song for baby on the guitar. Last night he played it for baby, and baby was kicking all along- he loved it!

+ My goal is to write a song for baby on the piano before he gets here.

+ Putting socks on is starting to become a difficult task.

+ I had my very first baby shower yesterday; friends and family are so amazingly kind and generous when it comes to spoiling baby!

+ My third trimester has also brought a new wave of exhaustion. I have no energy most of the day.

+ I'm continually thinking of baby strollers, baby accessories, baby essentials- how much stuff do I really need?!

+ I already have a photo project planned for baby. I just hope I can pull it off.

+ I have just two months to go before we get to meet our baby boy; we cannot wait to hold this little one.


Lisa Cannon said...

I can't believe you are already 32 weeks! You are going to be the best mommy!!!

marta said...

so exciting for you. i lived off of Smoothie Tums myself; they were everywhere i was. don't worry; it soon goes away. i haven't had any heartburn since! and fyi: don't worry about all the baby stuff, somehow it all comes together in the end. once i started running again, i did tons of research on the phil & teds versus the bob stroller. if you're interested, let me know. happy last few weeks. rest up and go see lots of movies while you can!

i love that you two are writing songs for him. so sweet.

Dede said...

You look so pretty Lacey.

I can't wait to meet this little man. He is going to be so handsome.

My heartburn went away after the baby too, so there is hope!

I'm excited for our shower and I'm excited to buy you stuff. I wish I had a lot of money because there are so many things I WANT to buy you guys!

Allison said...

I love this self portrait lacey...

Isn't pregnancy weird? there's so much you go through...

I am really excited for you guys.

hannah said...

I am so excited for you guys!!

Unknown said...

i get a pregnant nose every time! it's just part of the deal! :) congrats to you!

Brown Family said...

Zootie you look adorable! And NO your lips are not bigger i promise! you look so cute! I can not wait to hold your sweet baby!
Yes you do need all that stuff... but it will all come together like dede said :)

Brecke said...

If anything is going to get big I would definitly want luscious, big lips! I love your maternity picture. Can't wait for more of your showers.

Colleen said...

Beautiful photo! I'm excited for you guys, you are in for a fun ride!

ali said...

What a great photo!

I swear, nobody understands pregnancy heartburn until they have it. It really is the pits. But it will disappear in an instant.

I can't wait to meet that baby boy, either! It is going to be the best.

Ellen said...

I'm getting excited for you! I LIVED off of Tums my first time through. The second time I discovered that chewing gum worked just as well... for me anyway. Might wanna try it! You look great.

Hallie said...

you looks great in this photo Lacy! and we're so excited for you guys!

Jesse C said...

It's coming right up isn't it? I want to hear Jeff's song, and I hope you write one too.

Annelise H. Jensen said...

I love your insights. And I love this photo. You look so beautiful. I cannot wait to meet this little guy.