The Last Taste of Summer...

3 months ago, I swore that we would use our tent for the second time. I thought our summer would be full of camp-outs, hikes, and road-trips to Southern Utah. 3 months later, I'm realizing the only time I actually used my tent was getting it out of our Shed to let my little sister borrow. (And, even then, it didn't get used.)

And, after an all too cold weekend, I felt real guilt. I only sat around a camp fire once this summer. Only ate 1 smore! Didn't snap any good shots of Utah's beautiful landscapes!

So, after my sister told me it was a beautiful day, I thought we'd experience one last taste of summer with a drive up Big Cottonwood Canyon.

First stop- Moss Ledge. I've never hiked all the way to the waterfall. (Seen to the left.) I thought the Moss Ledge was the Ledge covered in Moss by the picnic tables as soon as you began hiking. I'm glad Jeff convinced me otherwise- because aren't waterfalls beautiful?

After Jeff and I both got our right shoes wet, we continued to Silver Lake. After all, I had to walk around the Lake!

After a slow climb up the mountain... we realized the temperature dropped from 58 degrees to a cool 32 degrees. But, I was still determined to get out- enjoy the outdoors- take it all in. After all, the Summer was ending!


I saw...

all... of... the... SNOW.

I then realized our Summer was over. We hadn't yet bought any patio furniture for our deck. I hadn't gone swimming in our swim pool. I never beat Jeff in 1 game of tennis. (But, I came close.)

And, I couldn't even walk around the Lake... I was too cold.

But, on our way home, seeing the leaves turn colors, I realized... We still have Fall- Sweater weather, Pumpkins, Halloween and all. So, here's to hoping we get that tent out sometime soon.

Camp-out anyone?

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ali said...

Looks like we were both shaken by snow's premature arrival. Luckily, it's warmed up. So, are you serious about this camp-out business? We could be into it.