My New Obsession: 'Project Runway'

So… Jeff was pretty intent on getting HD when we purchased our new, slim, cute TV. It was an additional cost every month, so I wasn’t too thrilled with the suggestion. (I still can’t tell which channel is in High-Def?)

However, after having the HD for a few months, we’ve found hidden treasures in the mass number of channels, including: Noggin- reruns of ‘My So Called Life!’ G4- reruns of ‘Arrested Development,’ and Mojo- where we saw a live Belle and Sebastian performance. However, Bravo, is the network that airs my new favorite show: ‘Project Runway.’

This is, hand’s down, the best Reality show on TV- Why?

There is a pool of Designers who make a new outfit every challenge. The contestants have to make an outfit with a specific theme in mind (Fashion Icons- poor Bradley), or make the outfit out of very interesting materials (Recycled goods- go Michael!).

The contestants rely solely on their talent. (Okay- there’s ‘So You Think…,’ ‘American Idol’ but for the most part, they have Choreographers and Vocal Coaches for assistance… right?) PR contestants have no help. (If you try and use help- you get kicked off.)

Although, Tim Gunn, the silver-haired stylist, tells them, constantly, ‘Make it work!’ if he feels like it’s not going to. (And, you know, he’s usually right on.) Additionally, the contestants have to create an entire outfit, sometimes, in only 1 day.

And, what they create is (usually) amazing!!! (I’m NOT talking about Angela or Vincent. Why, oh, why did they have to come back?)

So, to diffuse my excitement for this show, I thought I'd share my prediction for the final 3:
  • Michael: He’s hands down my favorite. From head to toe, he’s got a fabulous sense of style. And, he creates great pieces. (Okay, I didn’t love his couture dress. But, Vincent’s was worse, much worse.)
  • Laura: Uh… Laura wasn’t my favorite in the beginning. Every piece she created was far too similar. However, seeing her cocktail dress last night, it’s apparent she knows how to dress a woman, and she’s a clean designer. Now- she just needs to come up with something spectacular for the next challenge. And, I do think the judges really like her.
  • Jeffrey: (Surprised?) Yeah- Jeffrey’s a jerk. From the beginning, I think, he’s been the most conceited contestant to date. I don’t love his work- really- I can’t think of one piece that I was impressed with. (Wait- his recycling outfit- now that was amazing.) But, I do think the judges will place him in the top 3. (I do realize he’s got a tattoo across his neck, and wears his diamond studded shades every week- but does he have to create Rock Star-esque pieces every challenge?)

And, that leaves Uli. I do like her… She has a signature style, I like her choice of colors, but I don’t think the judges like her enough.

This is the first season I’ve been a devout ‘PR’ watcher, so we’ll see if any of my predictions stand true.

Who do you think will be in the bottom 3?

Auf Wiedersehen! (Sorry... I had to.)


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