Baking in the Morning

Yesterday morning, I realized just how messy I am while I bake:


However, that's part of why I like it so much. You can throw all of these ingredients around to try and create something delicious.

I also don't think I've ever baked early on a Sunday morning, and I really enjoyed it. (We forgot it was Fast Sunday yesterday.) Jeff and I had an early appointment, so rather than climb back in bed, I made Caroline's blueberry muffins.

They were really yummy. (Jeff would've preferred them without the whole wheat flour- but, this way they're so much healthier for you!)

Picture 013

Are you a messy baker? Don't think you should feel guilty about it. I sure don't.


ali said...

I love whole wheat. And messy baking! You should ship some to DC. :)

easytomiss.com said...

I am definitely a messy baker... It's one of my favorite parts. I prefer to spend my time on the process & the outcome & leave the worry about the cleanup for after (when I have a nice treat to make me not care about doing the dishes).

allison said...


those look delicious! and I'm a messy baker too.. who cleans as they bake?? anyone?

.caroline armelle. said...

so glad you tried the muffins!

and, yes.. i'm a super messy baker too. i made choc chip cookies yesterday and had flour EVERYWHERE.. and the dishes.. oh that is the worst part.. luckily my hubby took care of most of those. but, as we speak there are still cooling rack sitting out with melted chocolate on the counters. oh well... what's the fun in cleaning it up right away?

{Amanda} said...

yum! but how can you not be messy while baking? those muffins look scrumptious =O

this one said...

urgh, i am so anal that i clean as i go. its terrible.

i didnt realize that you were lds too. and i didnt realize it was fast sunday yesterday. oops. that is what traveling does to you!!