Streaming This Morning + '80's Music

I can't remember how I heard about this band, but I've been streaming their Myspace page, and really am drawn to the melodious songs. The band: Fredrik. (I really like the track "1986.")

Also, I listened to NPR's All Songs Considered Podcast yesterday where they discussed if '80's music was really that bad. I think the first twenty minutes of the podcast are really entertaining. Their points about the majority of '80's songs:

+ Too much synthesizer, and not enough bass
+ The producing was horrible.

It's a pretty entertaining topic, which I have to agree on. (Though, I was fairly young during the '80's and thought New Kids on the Block were maestros in their own right.)

Listen to the podcast here.

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ali said...

Ha! I've gotta listen to this. I just watching VH1's top 100 '80s tunes and I liked 75% of them. I especially like The Cars.