90210 Part II

I'm currently half-way through the premiere of "90210," and it is horrible. Seriously. The opening scene while they're walking into school... what in the world?

And, I agree with Ali's comment- aren't the girls much too thin? I agree. I definitely noticed.

Reanna's story-line is the most entertaining. We also enjoyed that a "skater" boy gave her the drugs. Dang those skaters!

Anyone else watch? Am I so sheltered that I don't realize what's going on with other teen shows? Are they this bad?


aimee heff said...

They always blame the skaters.


The scapegoats of society.

Erin said...

No, they aren't all this bad. But sadly, this was very very bad.

Brecke & Matt said...

Gossip girl is way better!! Matt said the same thing, "Why are all the girls so skinny!"

So the geeky kid with the camera is he supposed to be David? Hillarious, at least Kelly has a baby with Brandon Walsh.

.caroline armelle. said...

ok.. what was the first opening scene? wow... not the best idea..

and, yes the girls are much too skinny for my taste...
we'll see. i'll give it a few more weeks..

ali said...

I'm with Brecke. (She and I seem to have similar TV taste.) Gossip Girl is ten times better. It's naughty, sure, but the fashion, the one-liners, and its overall smartness make it much more appealing.

But it still ain't The OC.

please sir said...

I haven't seen it yet...I'm a bit hesitant...maybe I could watch for laughs?!

Jesse C said...

Natalie is totally sucked in to One Tree Hill and Gossip Girl. This means I end up seeing more of them than I would ever care to admit. They are both awful. The underlying moral message to teens from both shows: having sex as a teenager is perfectly normal, acceptable, and fashionable.

That's all the message I can seem to find from them. I'm kind of coming off as a prude, but I really despise these shows mostly because of the highly impressionable audience they are targeting.