My Sleepless Weekend

For whatever reason(s), I can no longer fall asleep when I am camping. And, tent-sleeping is what I look forward to the most when camping. I usually fall into a nice, deep sleep while sleeping in the outdoors, in our cozy little tent.

However, the past few camping trips have led to long sleepless weekends for me.

We trekked up high into the mountains for the Labor Day weekend with my family. The spot was beautiful:


We were so high- we could almost touch the clouds.

But, do you see those grey clouds in the above pic? Those clouds were looming over us the entire weekend. At night, our tent was pounded by rain all night long. I was telling my sister that it sounded like popcorn popping, or bubble wrap being popped, or, better yet, thousands and thousands of people spitting spit-wads at us. I was miserable.

But, in the morning and during the day, I was good. We played on four-wheelers:


Took in the beautiful scenery:


Shot guns (Okay, clarification. I took pictures of people taking guns. I will not shoot.):


(That's my little sister; she had pretty good aim.)

Ate lots of treats and sipped on hot cocoa.

I usually am a good camper, but for some reason, I was longing for my comfortable bed this weekend. We, however, made it three days and two nights. On the third day, we attempted to drive our Subaru down the mountain, but we soon realized we could fall off that mountain with the amount of mud on the roads.

So, we headed back to camp. And waited. While we waited, it snowed. Really snowed. (My twin-sister took really beautiful pictures of this blizzard. I, on the other hand, was too cold.)

Luckily, my brother-in-laws, who I now refer to as heroes, helped us navigate down the mountain.

And... we were soon back onto paved roads and on our way home.

Yes- I do realize; I'm sounding like such a wimp.

Maybe I just needed more s'mores.

All in all, I'm very glad we went. (I'll just be checking the weather forecast before I trek outdoors next time.)

More pics here.


Brecke & Matt said...

Hey sis, at least we have the memories!! And at least we got some incredible insight from professor.

Krissy said...

These are such fun photos!!

Lorilee said...

jealous of: sipping on hot cocoa, hanging out in the beautiful mountains, and being around family

not jealous of: being cold, sleeping on the ground, and driving in scary whether.

ali said...

And, at lest you had the correct poles for your tent and you didn't have to substitute with a twig.

Carly said...

oliver and i have gotten into the habit of taking a sleeping pill while camping, we have had the same problem lately.