Guilty Pleasure: 90210

After a camping weekend full of rain (lots of it) and snow, after Hip-Hop tonight, I'm ready to settle in with a guilty pleasure.

To refresh your memory:

Or, remember this? I could've sworn it broke my heart:

I don't remember Dylan being so dramatic.

Anyhow... you bet I'm tuning in tonight!

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Brecke said...

Oh ya handsome Dylan was very dramatic, remember he was a heavy breather when he would talk.
Can't wait to tune in!

Erin said...

I am SO ready for tonight.

ali said...

Don't worry, I tuned in too. But I missed the last half hour. What did you think? I thought ALL the girls were outrageously thin. It was really ridiculous ... worse than any other teen show I watch (and there are many).

laceyJ. said...

I agree! Much, much too little.