Faves of 2008: #2 and #1

Sorry I wasn't able to get to my top picks last week... I really didn't intend to keep you on the edge of your seat... as I'm SURE you were...

#2: Mates of State: Rearrange Us

I really fell in love with this album. In fact, I fell so hard that it was on repeat for most of my summer. It also joined me on many work-out sessions.

Prior to this release, I could only handle Mates of States in small doses. To me, they always sounded like they were YELLING at each other. But, with Rearrange Us, I felt like their song-writing really matured into a nice balance of harmonies and back and forth banter- but always keeping the music in mind.

There are some really catchy tracks on this album. So many that it was difficult for me to pick just one favorite.

But... I LOVE "My Only Offer." I dare you not to tap your feet and/or sing-along. (Love to sing those harmonies!)

So... if you've read this blog over the past year, you'll know that this pick is no surprise. I utterly adore this album: it is SO beautiful.

With the first listen of this album, I had to get used to Justin Vernon's voice. He is definitely a tenor, and sometimes my voice strained and hurt listening to him hit those high notes. But, he does... so beautifully.

Also, this album has such a romantic idea to it. Just look at the name of the album, and a lot of the accompanying songs feel so fragile and personal. It's easy to get lost in the songs.

And to boot- doesn't the song-writing feel so genuine? I think so. There are so many beautiful phrases and thoughts shared in these songs.

My favorite track on this album is definitely "Skinny Love." I've listened to this track an uncountable amount of times. It gives me chills. I love it.

Thanks for reading about my picks for the year! I'm hoping next year I'll really be able to branch out and listen to much more diverse music. Here's to 2009!


Krista said...

I really need to get that mates of state.

Les said...

Great year end list Lacy! I'll definitely be taking a closer look at some of these selections. Bon Iver really is quite amazing.

aimee heff said...

Thank you, Lacey! I have fully enjoyed your Top 10. You always pleasure our ears with your keen sense of musical wonderfulness.

P.S. The link for Skinny Love is in fact a Via Audio song.

laceyJ. said...

Oopsy- thanks for the head's up, Aimee! It's fixed now.

jomama said...

i've really enjoyed your top 10 list. some of them were on mine, too, and some i need to take a closer look at now! i love looking at your blog!

Robin said...

I do love that Bon Iver album. My favorite song is Lump Sum.

Court said...

It made me smile to see that Bon Iver was one of your top picks, and it made me laugh when I read that Skinny Love was your favorite, because at that very moment I was listening to Skinny Love on repeat. I can't help it, I could listen to it all day! It's nice to read that someone else is as addicted to the song as I am :) Love your blog!