Faves of 2008: #4 and #3

#4: Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin: Pershing

This album I was very slow to come around to. I had heard some of their tracks on the iTunes radio station I listen to and would write down the song names to listen more of later. Whenever I would quickly tune into other songs, I wasn't as impressed as my first initial listen. However, once I listened longer, I think I figured them out a little more.

Their sound feels really delicate to me. Maybe it was the way they recorded their album- sounds like it could be in a home studio- so I listened really carefully. (And turned it UP.) Sometimes they remind of Weezer. Sometimes they remind me of Rogue Wave. Sometimes they remind me of Buddy. Either way, I can't quite pin-point their sound, and that's why I like them.

Favorite song: "Think I Wanna Die" (SO catchy.)

#3: She & Him: Volume One

What a lovely project this is. I'm not sure M. Ward or Zooey D. realized the impact this album would have in the music world.

I love each and every song on this album. It reminds me of 1950 girl-y pop music (and I really was in the mood for that sound awhile ago). I really only have good things to say about this album, BUT, I do wish we could've heard more of M. Ward's charming voice. I know the man can play guitar, but in sweet duets with Zooey, I would've loved to hear more.

Favorite song: "Change is Hard" (I think.)

Tomorrow is the big moment... #2 and #1. Yay!


Les said...

I really like SSLYBY's first album (and I've used the Weezer comparison to describe them to people too!). "House Fire" is one of their greats. This one has been on my "albums to download" list for the better part of the year, so I'm feeling a bit late here. I LOVE this kind of pop music.

Also, I love reading your musical thoughts, so thank you for a fantastic year-end list!

Mine will be forthcoming, if I can make some time to put something decent together.

Leslie said...

I've been reading your lists, and it inspired me to write one of my own today. She & Him's album was one of my top three picks of the year. It's a great album. :)

Jeremy said...

YES!!! So glad She & Him made the list! They definitely made my SLUG top five list of the year!